Become an official Petplan Partner via our IVC program to build the financial bridge between your practice and your clients

We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with vet clinics across Australia, which allows us to offer clients of participating clinics Immediate Veterinary Cover (IVC) for puppies and kittens aged from 8 weeks to their first birthday. The program offers 4 weeks of free cover from the date and time the vet activates the policy, with no obligation.

Having clients insured with Petplan provides veterinary practices with the ability to offer their clients the best products and care available. However Petplan can also help the practice in many other ways, by offering:

  • 4 Weeks Free insurance to your clients through our Immediate Veterinary Cover (IVC) program.
  • Better patient care and care options.
  • Job satisfaction for veterinary professionals, who want to offer the latest and best in care.
  • Increased practice turn over, and fewer bad debt cases.
  • Clients who can focus on their pet’s wellbeing rather than the cost of treatment.
  • Continued advances in veterinary care, as care options increase.


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