Patient deteriorating fast... not sure what is going on?

With VetCT, you can instantly upload images directly from your X-ray machine or computer, to be reported by our dedicated team of Radiologists.

Our expert team comprises of radiologists with Diplomate (ACVR, ECVDI) or Australian Fellowship qualifications, with expertise in emergency cases, small and large animal practice, exotics, wildlife, zoo and marine mammals.

We work to your patient needs when it comes to turnaround times; with urgent x-rays being reported within the hour and CT/MRI within 4 hours, available 24 hours a day.

Access to this expert support is free to set up, with a free report for each new practice. Find out how we can support your clinic, come and see us on stand number 79 at the AVA exhibition hall.

As a general practitioner things sometimes go pear-shaped! There are often multiple demands on your time.... Being able to upload radiographs and get a report, with annotated pictures, all within a few hours has been an amazing advance for our patients, our clients and for our own sanity! Our patients benefit, our clients are impressed, and our stress levels are reduced!
Now we have a radiologist virtually in the hospital with us! Why don't you?!

Dr. Richard Lucas, Practice Owner, Busselton WA.
BSc BVMS MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine)


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