We’ve assembled an exceptional group of international keynote and plenary speakers

Every year the AVA puts together an outstanding line-up of engaging, expert speakers, and 2017 is no exception. You can learn directly from the best in your field and have a casual chat with the author of your go-to textbook in the exhibition or at a special interest group event.

Our international keynote speakers are:

  • Dr Safi Barakzai, Arundel Equine Hospital UK, (equine, industry and dental);
  • Assistant Professor Stephan Carey, Michigan State University, (small animal);
  • Dr Peter Edmondson, RCVS specialist in cattle health and production and manager of Udderwise, (cattle).
  • Dr Martin Godbout, Globalvet founder and CEO of Daubigny Veterinary Group, (behaviour and practice management)
  • Dr Sean Wensley, British Veterinary Association senior vice president, (welfare and small animal);
  • Dr Andy Roark, founder of the Unchartered Veterinary Conference and DrAndyRoark.com (behaviour and practice management).

Our informing and entertaining plenaries are designed to get you thinking out of the box. This year’s speakers include:

  • Dr Mark Schipp, Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, on strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance;
  • Dr Andy Roark, on connecting with clients and communicating more effectively;
  • Dr Tony Fernando, psychiatrist, on the secret of happiness;
  • Professor Chris Baggoley, veterinary graduate and now Chief Medical Officer, giving a personal perspective on one health.