Ear, nose and throat: managing respiratory challenges in small animals

If you’re a companion animal vet you will love this year’s scientific program. The small animal stream is focused squarely on the respiratory tract and its associated diagnostic and management challenges.

Keynote Stephen Carey (USA) will present a suite of sessions on respiratory medicine and surgery, including canine respiratory infectious disease complex, medical and surgical management of tracheal collapse, diagnostic sampling of the respiratory tract, ear-nose infections in the management of chronic nasal disease, feline asthma and feline chronic nasal disease. Local speakers include Alana Rosenblatt, Jacob Michelson, Leah Bradley, Brad Galgut, and David Robson. Other international speakers include Sean Wensley (UK), discussing the cost of cuteness in relation to brachycephalic dogs, and Andy Roark (US) breaking down staff drama.

Make the most of your in-house pathology by attending the ASAVA’s small animal pathology workshop. Led by Bruce Parry, the workshop consists of interactive sessions enabling you to prepare and evaluate blood smears and cytology using video microscopy. AVA members can collect 6.5 VetEd points and develop the confidence to make the call.

ASAVA members and recent (2014-2016) graduates are invited to the Recent Graduate Dinner at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday June 7. This casual dinner is an opportunity to share stories from your first years in practice, and is complementary for ASAVA members.