BVA's Dr Sean Wensley leads the conversation around animal welfare

Wondering why the veterinary profession is getting vocal about animal welfare? Wanting to develop an animal welfare-focus at your practice? Or a strategy for the profession? Check out the animal welfare stream at the Annual Conference.

Keynote Sean Wensley (UK) will present a report on companion animal wellbeing, as well as sessions on animal welfare-focused practice, animal welfare strategy, the cost of cuteness in relation to brachycephalic dog welfare, the veterinary profession’s role in conservation and the voice of the veterinary profession: developing a visibility strategy. Local speakers include Martin Taylor, Dave Beggs, Matt Petersen, Jean-Loup Rault, Simon Coghlan, Kersti Seksel, Bronwyn Orr, Julia Nicholls, Tanya Stephens, Elizabeth Arnott, Gavin Goble and Jed Goodfellow.

The vast numbers of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in shelters and rescue centres is a major animal welfare problem globally. On Friday, Sean Wensley will lead the Welfare and Ethic’s (AVAWE) workshop designed to explore factors contributing to the problem, and to brainstorm evidence-based strategies. At $150 for SIG and AVA members, this course is excellent value.

Catch up with colleagues interested in animal welfare and ethics at the AVAWE dinner on Wednesday June 7 at Taxi Kitchen. Enjoy a three-course meal and an after-dinner talk by Sean Wensley.