Dentistry - could you be doing it better?

Dentistry is such a key component of companion animal practice – could you be doing it better? Whether its management of periodontal disease, talking to clients about anaesthesia free dentistry, jaw fracture repair or issues and interventions in young animals, the dentistry stream promises practical tips that will make dentals painless for patient and veterinarian alike. Common and less common complications of dental interventions will be discussed, along with dental tool maintenance, regional nerve blocks and oral home care.

Speakers include Williana Basuki, Aaron Forsayeth, Nicole Hoskin, Karen Koks, Amanda Huland-Nave, Gary Wilson, Tony Caiafa, Rebecca Tucker and Oliver Liyou. Look out for combined sessions in the Unusual Pets and Equine streams.

It’s been said that practising veterinary dentistry without dental radiology is like performing orthopaedic surgery without radiographs. But how to get the best picture? Are you regularly stumped trying to get the best view of particular teeth? The Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) is running a practical workshop on dental radiology. You will have the opportunity to practice intra-oral radiology techniques and participate in small group tutorials, all while earning 6 VetEd points.

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