Something different in the sheep stream

This year’s program includes sessions on disease and parasite management for small holder flocks (Matthew Ball), health and nutrition of hand-reared kids and lambs, when do sheep farmers call the vet (Caitlin Pfeiffer), the analogy principle: treating pet sheep as dogs (Robert Suter), risk creation and risk mitigation in relation to urban livestock (Kevin Doyle), caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) and Johne’s disease in goats, and worm control on goat hobby farms (Sandra Baxandell).

There is also much of interest to sheep veterinarians in the cattle industry, public health and veterinary business group streams, from handling angry clients, to zoonoses, to assessing herd nutritional status.

Join bovine and ovine colleagues at the joint ACV/ASV dinner on Wednesday, June 7 at Cargo Hall. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reflect, catch up, enjoy a fantastic three-course meal, and ruminate over the future. There is also plenty of time to catch up with colleagues and check out the trade show during the daily happy hours.

Earn 26.5 VetEd points by attending the full conference, or more by adding a workshop.

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