From dental disease to reptile husbandry - there’s so much in the unusual pets stream

If you treat companion reptiles, birds, small mammals or wildlife, the unusual pets stream at the AVA Annual Conference has plenty to offer.

Our fantastic array of unusual experts will share their insights, allowing you to avoid common pitfalls and achieve excellent outcomes. Brush up on your small mammal consultation skills with (Lizzie Selby), avian paediatrics (Bob Doneley), management of avian luxations and ligament injuries (Hamish Baron), dental disease in guinea pigs (Deborah Monks), gastrointestinal diseases in rabbits (Garry Skinner) and reptile husbandry (Tristan Rich).

Dentistry is a major component of the unusual pet vet’s case load, which is why the unusual pets stream has combined sessions with the dentistry special interest group, looking at appropriate dental instruments, and dentistry in Australian mammals.

The behaviour of unusual pets is a growing area of interest, with owners becoming increasingly aware of the connection between the behaviour and welfare of their unusual pets. There are combined sessions with the behaviour SIG, looking particularly at environmental enrichment for unusual pets, including rabbits.

You’ll love our plenaries on antimicrobial resistance (Dr Mark Schipp), sharpening the axe (Dr Andy Roark), the secret of happiness (Dr Tony Fernando) and one health – a personal perspective (Professor Chris Baggoley).