Learn how to boost the performance of your veterinary business

Want to learn all you can to boost the performance of your veterinary business? We’ve got you covered at the AVA Annual Conference in the Veterinary Business Group (VBG) stream.

This year there are two dynamic international keynote speakers leading the stream. Dr Andy Roark (USA) will talk about building client loyalty, angry clients, staff drama, driving change and his intriguing “Jedi mind trick”. Dr Martin Godbout (Canada) will discuss the importance of behaviour as a core competency in practice. Local speakers, including Campbell Fisher, James Ramsden, Dick Gelderman, Rosie Overfield, Lowel Ackerman, Moss Siddle, Brian McErlean and Natasha Wilks will cover everything from analysing performance to wellness plans to well-being of the veterinary team. If you manage a practice you can’t afford to miss the VBG stream.

Have you ever wanted to peak behind the scenes at the most successful practices? You can do just that by signing up to the Veterinary Business Group exclusive insights tour on Friday 9 June.

The tour will focus on key areas to enable you to troubleshoot your practice finance, management, marketing, branding, human resources, strategies and infrastructure – or plan your dream practice. Earn an additional 5.5 VetEd points while you learn from the best.