Using ancient acupuncture in modern veterinary medicine

If you’re interested in acupuncture, the AVA Annual Conference is a great place to begin.

Dr Barbara Fougere will provide an overview of how this ancient technique has become a contemporary practice tool, and explain how it really works. Dr Elaine Cebuliak will introduce you to the top 10 acupuncture points that you can use right away. Dr Kim Lim will discuss the use of acupuncture for cruciate rehabilitation and adjunctive treatment of the bad back. On the equine front, Dr Ian Bidstrup will walk you through the use of acupuncture to address spinal, shoulder and upper hindquarter pain and dysfunction, as well as an introduction to internal organ acupuncture.

Attend up to three acupuncture workshops on 9 and 10 June. The Friday morning workshop provides an introduction to acupuncture in modern veterinary practice. The afternoon workshop will equip you to stage cruciate cases for rehabilitation. The Saturday workshop covers use of acupuncture in spinal, shoulder and hindquarter pain in the horse. No prior acupuncture experience is required.

Catch up with colleagues over a delectable three-course Indian meal on Wednesday June 7. Enjoy the fine fare at one of Melbourne’s renowned eateries, Delhi Streets, just a short walk from the conference venue. Vegetarian and gluten free options will be available.