Understanding the vet's role in public health

Whether its zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance or climate change, some animal health issues are definitely public health issues. We’ve got them all covered in the Public Health Stream at the 2017 Annual AVA Conference.

The stream kicks off with combined sessions on a one health approach to animal health in international development, followed by discussions of bat diseases including Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV) and white-nose syndrome. Other sessions cover avian influenza, pathogens of public health and biosecurity significance in Australian native birds, veterinarians in private practice and biosecurity, foodborne zoonoses, individualisation of drug therapy, climate change and parasites, pet sheep, urban livestock, Q fever outbreaks, Brucella suis, leishmaniasis, flea-borne spotted fever, practical evaluation of scientific papers and antimicrobial stewardship. Don’t miss plenaries by CVO Mark Schipp on antimicrobial resistance, and the Ben Cunneen Memorial Plenary by CMO Chris Baggoley.

Biosecurity and one health concerns have long been raised about smallholder farms. Come along to the AVPH workshop on Friday 9 June to learn how to address these concerns. This workshop will enable veterinary practitioners to develop their capacity to provide services to these clients, particularly in peri-urban areas. It involves seminars as well as hands-on, practical components. (Attendees wishing to participate in the lab should be vaccinated against Q fever).