Looking to the future - what's in store for veterinary industry?

What tools and strategies will you use in the future to manage disease and maintain wellbeing in veterinary patients? Challenges faced by our profession are constantly changing – whether it’s the incorporation of new technology or re-emergence of an old disease. The industry stream at the AVA Annual Conference looks to the future, scanning the horizon for threats and opportunities.

Find out how to prevent anthelmintic resistance in equine patients by worming smarter, not harder; learn how land-clearing is emerging as an animal welfare issue, and about the use of viruses as biocontrol agents from rabbits to carp. Find out how to drive change in your practice, and use of pet insurance to improve animal welfare; learn the latest about companion animal vaccines, including global trends and reverse vaccinology approaches; learn how biometrics can be used to monitor patients at home, and how biodiscovery can yield the next generation of anthelmintics.

Find out about developments that will change the face of practice, like individualisation of drug treatment, climate change, genetic screening of companion animals, genetic counselling and antimicrobial stewardship.

The industry stream has combined sessions with a number of SIGs including conservation biology, equine, public health and the veterinary business group.