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Numbers are strictly limited for our workshops and field trips and in some cases restricted to special interest group (SIG) members.

Friday 9 June 2017

Australian Cattle Veterinarians Calf Rearing Workshop
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am–3.30pm
Meeting Room 215, Melbourne Convention Centre

Calf disease and management workshop – Matt Izzo is an accredited cattle specialist.  Matt will take you through how to manage the sick calf as well as providing the necessary steps to investigate why calves are getting sick and practical solutions to prevent further disease.

AVA member: $440
SIG member:  $330
AVA student/new graduate member:    $200
Non-member: $880

VetEd points:   5


Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA)
"Pre-Purchase Examination Workshop”
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am-4.00pm
Meeting room 208, Melbourne Convention Centre

This comprehensive all day seminar is a must for all practitioners who may be required to complete a pre-purchase examination of a horse. Whether you are an equine veterinarian or a mixed practitioner, this workshop will give you all the tips and techniques on completing the official Guild Insurance approved, EVA examination form, and most importantly, helping you avoid litigation from a disgruntled client.

The following topics will be covered in detail on the day:

  • EVA’s exclusive - 5 Stage Pre-Purchase Examination video
  • Pre-Purchase Exam for the Sporthorse, Racehorse and Juvenile
  • Communication with the Purchaser and Vendor
  • Reporting abnormal Pre-Purchase findings
  • Pre-Purchase radiology, endoscopy and drug screening
  • How to avoid litigation
  • Interactive panel discussion

Registration for this event will include lunch, morning and afternoon tea, with attendees receiving a comprehensive pack of professional, printed workshop notes.

AVA member: $450
SIG member:   $295
AVA student/new graduate member: $195
Non-member: $900

VetEd points: 11


ASAV small animal pathology workshop
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am-4.30pm
Meeting Room 207 (room change), Melbourne Conference Centre

Presented by: Professor Bruce Parry
Topic 1: Hematology
Topic 2: Cytology

Join these interactive sessions looking at the preparation of and examination of blood films and at cytology slides from aspirates, impression smears, washes etc. from clinical cases of dogs and cats.  Using video microscopy, all participants will simultaneously view the same slide.  Haematology will cover features such as polychromasia, basophilic stippling, Heinz bodies, sperocytes, schistocytes, haemoparasites, iron deficiency, platelets, left-shifts, toxic changes and leukaemias.
Cytology will look at aspirates of cutaneous masses and tissues such as lymph nodes, liver and spleen, body fluids and lavages/washes.

AVA member: $465
SIG member: $365
AVA student/new graduate member: $200
Non-member: $930

VetEd points:  6.5


Australian Veterinary Conservation Biology (AVCB) and Wildlife Health Australia (WHA)
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.30am-4.15pm
Meeting room 209, Melbourne Convention Centre
(this is a room change from the registration brochure)

This one day workshop will provide veterinarians and veterinary students with information regarding the process for diagnosis and confirmation of diagnosis of emergency and exotic wildlife diseases of relevance to Australia. It will explain Australia’s wildlife health system, discuss important diseases, and the collection of samples for submission. It will also discuss Australia’s emergency animal disease response arrangements and how wildlife fits in as well as covering potential exotic disease events.

Registration is valued at $160 but the prices indicated below are discounted through the generously supported of WHA.

AVA member: $20
Non-member (veterinarian): $40
AVA student member:  Complimentary

Max number of students 20.  Number limited to 40.

VetEd points:  5


Australian Veterinary Conservation Biology (AVCB) Healesville Sanctuary Field Trip
Friday 9 June 2017, 8.30am-5.00pm
Healesville Sanctuary, Badger Creek Road Healesville

This one day workshop will provide veterinarians and veterinary students with current information regarding the Facial Tumour Disease in Tasmanian Devils. It will cover diagnosis, the clinical disease, control measures and implications for environments where the number of devils have been severely reduced.

Healesville Sanctuary is part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil program to help maintain the population of Tasmanian Devils in the wild. Veterinary staff and the manager of conservation and research will discuss the program and progress. Attendees will get to meet a Devil Keeper who will share the complexities of caring for an iconic threatened species.  

Bus departs MCEC at 8.30am and returns at 5.00pm.  Total registrants limited to 15 including 3 students. Catering not included but available at Healesville Sanctuary cafeteria or bring your own.

AVA member:   $220
AVA student/new graduate member:  $110
Non-member:  $440

VetEd points:   3.5


Veterinary Business Group (VBG) – “Exclusive Insights Tour”
Friday 9 June 2017 9.00am-5.00pm

A behind-the-scenes tour of three veterinary practices, providing unique insight into the running of a successful practice. The day will focus on vital areas, such as finance, management, marketing and branding, human resources, strategies and infrastructure. The day will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, as well as transport between the practices.

AVA member: $678
SIG/VBG member: $578
Non-member: $1,358

VetEd points: 5.5


Australian Veterinarians in Public Health (AVPH) – Providing veterinary services to smallholder farmers
Friday June 9 2017, 9:00am-5:00pm
University of Melbourne, Building 400, Corner of Flemington Road and Park Drive, Parkville

This workshop will provide veterinary practitioners with skills and resources to help develop their capacity to provide services to smallholder farmers (particularly in peri-urban areas). The workshop will involve seminars as well as hands-on practical components.

Attendees are advised that if they wish to participate in the laboratory component of this workshop they should have been vaccinated against Q fever.

AVA member: $300
SIG member: $250
AVA student/new graduate member: $200
Non-member: $600

Veted points:  9


Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG)
Introduction to Acupuncture in Modern Veterinary Practice
Friday 9 June 2017, 8.30am-12.30pm
Carlton Scout Hall, 12 Shakespeare Street, Carlton North

Theoretical and practical aspects of acupuncture relating to common clinical conditions for veterinarians with no previous acupuncture experience. Followed by light lunch. Accessible by tram

AVA member: $220
SIG member (AVAG & ASAVA):  $200
AVA student/new graduate member: $200
Non-member: $440

VetEd points:   5.5


Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG)
Cruciate Rehabilitation Staging
Friday 9 June 2017, 1.00pm-5.00pm
Carlton Scout Hall, 12 Shakespeare Street, Carlton North

A group of dogs with different stages of chronicity in cruciate injury will be presented and demonstration on the appropriate rehabilitation techniques to use. Preceded by light lunch.

AVA member: $230
SIG member:  $180
AVA student/new graduate member:  $180
Non-member: $460

VetEd points:  6


Australian Veterinarians for Animal Welfare and Ethics (AVAWE) Workshop: ‘It’s raining cats and dogs!’
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am-5.00pm
Meeting room 206 (room change), Melbourne Convention Centre

The numbers of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in shelters is a major animal welfare issue worldwide. Too few homes and too many behaviour problems. Join members of AVAWE and Sean Wensley as we explore the many factors that have created this problem and for a brainstorming session to find evidence based solutions.

AVA member: $150
SIG member:  $150
AVA student/new graduate member: $100
Non-member: $300

VetEd points:   6


Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG)
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am – 1.00pm
Room 214, Melbourne Convention

This half-day workshop will explore risk assessment of the dog aggressive dog – a simple approach. By Dr Martin Godbout DVM, DACVB.  

Dog aggression - assessing the risk: part 1 (90 min)
When a dog bites someone and the owner comes to the veterinary clinic for professional advice, it is always difficult for the veterinarian to clearly distinguish between a dog expressing a normal behavioural sequence for the context and a dog representing a real danger for the population.  Through better understanding of normal aggressive behaviour, the participants will learn how to assess the dangerousness of an aggressive dog through a 10-step evaluation process.

Dog aggression - assessing the risk: part 2 (120 min)
The participants will practice their abilities to assess the dangerousness of an aggressive dog through different virtual cases of dog aggression.

AVA member: $195
SIG member:  $155
AVA student/new graduate member: $155
Non-member:  $390

VetEd points:   5


Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) Workshop
Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00am-2.30pm
Meeting Room 205, Melbourne Convention Centre
(this is a room change from the registration brochure)

Sponsored by iM3

The AVDS will be providing a short-day practical workshop on dental radiology. This will be an opportunity to practice intra-oral radiology techniques and to participate in multiple small group tutorials on image interpretation.

Dental radiography is an integral component of small animal veterinary dentistry. Intra-oral radiographs allow the practitioner to diagnose and treat disease as atraumatically as possible. During this workshop participants will practice techniques to produce useful intra-oral images of dogs and cats. Learn to interpret common pathologies such as resorptive lesions, fractures and periodontal disease through small group learning. Suitable for newcomers to experienced clinicians. Numbers are limited to ensure a high tutor to student ratio.

AVA member: $495
SIG member: $400
AVA student//new graduate member: $400
Non-member: $990

VetEd points:   6


Saturday 10 June 2017

Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG) - Spinal, shoulder and hindquarter pain and dysfunction and treatment of the same via basic acupuncture
Saturday 10 June 2017 8:30am – 5:30pm
South Serenity Arabians, 285 Gehreys Lane, Kilmore

This session will include a review of spinal, shoulder and hindquarter pain and dysfunction, and treatment via basic acupuncture. It is designed for all equine practitioners – no acupuncture experience required. It includes a bus transfer departing MCEC at 8.00am and returning before 6.00pm. Refreshments are also included – lunch extra.

AVA member:  $350
SIG (AVAG & EVA) member:  $300
AVA student/new graduate member: $300
Non-member:   $700

VetEd points:   8