Contact: +61 2 9652 7000
Address: 11 Moores Road, Glenorie NSW 2157 Australia
Email: customerserviceau@ceva.com
Website: ceva.com.au

Ceva Animal Health is one of the fastest growing top 10 global animal health companies, with a broad product range covering both companion and production animal health solutions, many of which continue to be manufactured locally in Australia.

Driven to innovate, Ceva recently launched its combination heart failure treatment CARDALIS® which has shaped the cardionephrology field in Europe where it was first launched in 2012. As the behaviour experts, Ceva also plays a vital role in promoting behavioural medicine globally through unique brands such as FELIWAY® and ADAPTIL®, and more recently, FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY®.

Ceva’s equine solutions include osteoarthritis treatments (such as Pentosan Equine, Pentosan Evolution®, and Tildren®), Readyserve® to support reproduction, and Omoguard® to treat and protect against gastric ulceration.


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