Ovine, caprine or camelid-oriented? Keep up with the latest, from parasites to improving productivity and biosecurity, in the sheep, goats and camelids stream.

22 March 2018

Whether you work with sheep, goats or alpacas, the sheep, goats and camelids stream has the CPD that can help you improve animal welfare and increase productivity.

Topics include emergency disease management, successful parasite control on goat farms, lung worms, scour worms, liver fluke, lice, flystrike, helminth infections of alpacas, closing the gap between nematode R&D and adoption and farm animal welfare. Hear about wool production without mulesing, and learn about successful strategies to manage parasites.

The highlight of the social calendar is the combined Australian Cattle and Sheep, Camelid and Goats Veterinarians dinner on Wednesday 16 May. Network with bovine, ovine and caprine interested colleagues over a casual three course dinner.

Earn 3.5 additional VetEd points and enjoy a field trip to Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley Goat farms on Friday 18 May. This is an opportunity to learn about eradication caprine arthritis encephalitis and biosecurity in a large Parmalat goat milk supplier, as well as internal parasite control in a Boer goat property. Its also an opportunity to review the health problems of miniature goats. Registration for this unique learning experience is heavily subsidised for group members.



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