PetSure eClaims service makes pet insurance paperwork obsolete

17 April 2018

PetSure has teamed up with some of the country’s leading providers of vet practice management systems (RxWorks, ezyVet, OpenVPMS) to simplify the submission of pet insurance claims online.
With a successful RxWorks, ezyVet, OpenVPMS integration, more than 320 clinics are now empowered by the eClaims service. The eClaims service is available on all PetSure-administered insurance brands.
What is eClaims service?
An Electronic Claim, or eClaim, allows the secure transfer of insurance claim information between a practice's software and PetSure via a digital platform. Completely paperless, the process allows practices to submit eClaims using information already entered into their software, rather than writing the claim out by hand.
The benefits of eClaims include:
o reduced administration time for the practice team which allows staff to spend more time with patients and less on paper work
o faster claim payment to the client with an electronic transfer speeding up the claim payment process
o improved vet/client/insurer communication.
For more information visit, call our Vet to Vet hotline 1300 838 457 or email us at  


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