Equine stream overview

Do you find equine endocrinopathies elusive?

The equine stream has the answers you need. Keynote speaker Professor Cathy McGowan will share her knowledge about PPID, equine metabolic syndrome and endocrinopathic laminitis, so you can ably navigate diagnosis, manage and prevent these conditions in your patients.

The equine stream covers everything from weight loss and pain management to nutrition and techniques for regional antimicrobial delivery.

Local speakers include Jen Stewart, Brad Dowling, Craig Jones, Francois Rene-Bertin, Jamie Wearn, Carlos Medina-Torres, Finola McConaghy and Rosie Overfield. Combined sessions with the equine and public health streams will cover practical biosecurity, a review of field antibody responses to the Hendra vaccine, and what happens when you combine psittacosis, placentas, foals and students.    

Earn an additional 11 VetEd points at the EVA’s Pre-purchase Examination Workshop. Drs Nathan Anthony and Nick Kannegieter will share everything you need to know to navigate the pre-purchase exam, including best practice technique, reporting abnormal findings, use of radiology, endoscopy and drug screening, communicating and – importantly – avoiding litigation. Registration is heavily subsidised for SIG members and recent graduates.

Join equine-oriented colleagues on Monday May 14 for the annual Equine and Dine social, supported by Randlab. Enjoy drinks and substantial finger food at the Charming Squire Pub for what promises to be a relaxing and collegial evening, designed to maximise networking opportunities.

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